4 Week Intensive Options Trading Classes

First Day of Classes: November 7th, 2023 
6:00 PM PST

Accelerate the learning curve on what it takes to become a profitable trader. No shortcuts, only discipline and consistency.
Week 1: What is the Stock Market?
Day One: Introduction to the stock market
Gain real-time experience trading with instructors and gain insight to what has worked for our professional traders.
Special Guest Trader for the Week

Day Two:
What are Options and their Qualities
Week 2: Technical Analysis
Day One: Comprehensive lecture on identifying candlesticks to know where buyers and sellers are coming in.

Day Two: Momentum Trading and Introduction to Technical Analysis

Week 3: Technical Analysis Part 2
Day One: Heavy emphasis on support/resistance and how to properly identify a trend & find VALUE in any market environment
Day Two: Identifying Lagging vs. Leading Indicators
Week 4: Confluence Trading
Day One: Identifying Relative Strength and Weakness
Day Two: Apply confluence based on momentum and Technical Analysis Learned in Week 2 & 3
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